February 7, 1955 (22nd Parliament, 2nd Session)


Louis-René Beaudoin (Speaker of the House of Commons)


Mr. Speaker:

May I interrupt the hon. member to remind him that we are at the beginning of a new session. During previous sessions we have had debates as to how these divorce bills shall be dealt with on second reading. It being the beginning of a new session perhaps one may be permitted to adopt a new resolution. I have resolved that no matter how much latitude I may be inclined to give I shall not allow any discussion except that which relates to the principle of the bill. I do not think hon. members will find that they are referring to the principle of these bills when they stand up and offer suggestions as to how they should be dealt with. That is not the manner in which this can be brought about.
If the hon. member wishes to submit by way of a bill some other method by which these divorce bills can be dealt with, he will have ample opportunity to incorporate whatever suggestions he may have to offer. But I do not think it is in order on the second reading of these bills to make such suggestions, and I would like the hon. member's co-operation in respect to this point.

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