June 26, 1954 (22nd Parliament, 1st Session)


Joseph-Adéodat Blanchette (Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of National Defence)


Mr. Blanchette:

1 and 2. Aircraft of the Royal Canadian Air Force are subject to the same flying regulations as are other aircraft. When flying under weather conditions requiring instrument flying, special rules apply and all
aircraft, whether civil or military, are controlled by Department of Transport air traffic control centres. Under I.F.R. conditions, in addition to being separated, R.C.A.F. and other airfields are kept fully informed of the whereabouts of other aircraft in the vicinity. Under weather conditions, when visible flying rules apply, all aircraft provide for their own separation by conforming with the normal rules of the air.
3 and 4. When operating under instrument flight rules in or near air space controlled by Department of Transport air traffic centre, R.C.A.F., like civil aircraft, must obtain clearance from air traffic control and consequently, both R.C.A.F. and civilian personnel having responsibility for the operation of aircraft, receive communication of the information referred to. Under visual flight conditions, it is the responsibility of pilots to maintain the proper separation of aircraft.

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