June 16, 1954 (22nd Parliament, 1st Session)


Frederick Gordon Bradley


Mr. Bradley:

As a matter of fact copyright exists without registration, and I do not understand why the particular case to which my hon. friend refers cannot be straightened out.

Then tne non. memDer ior Hamilton West who had been questioning him said this:
This is not a particular case. I have been all through it, and I tried very hard to get Canadian coyright for an original composition. You just cannot get it in Canada.
I now come back to where I started. I want to ask the minister if he will just explain briefly the procedure which is followed. I have been reading the Copyright Act. I take it that there must be some procedure necessary-it is quite clear from the act that there is-but what I am not clear about it is just exactly what evidence is given by the department to the composer on the strength of which he is evidently able, according to the terms of the act, to seek legal remedies if his right is infringed. I repeat my question. I am asking for guidance as to the procedure which needs to be followed and as to the document or whatever it is which is obtained by the grantee for use in evidencing his rights.

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