March 28, 1905 (10th Parliament, 1st Session)


Rodolphe Lemieux (Solicitor General of Canada)



What has been the policy of Mr. Willison, of the Toronto ' News ' ? What has been the policy of the ' Mail and Empire ' ? Have they presented calmly to their readers the question now before the House, like men desirous to create an opinion, or have they not discussed it like men anxious to stir up passions and bad feelings? Sir, I have known my hon. friend since 1896. I have been a Journalist myself, and I have read his paper for many years ; I have followed his career in this House very closely; and I say to him that he would not dare to utter before me, eye to eye, what he has published in his paper since the biginning of this debate.
The hon. member for Peel (Mr. Blain) quoted from the Huntingdon ' Gleaner,' which he said was a leading Liberal organ in the province of Quebec. I admit that the editor of the Huntingdon * Gleaner ' Mr. Robert Sellar, is an old Journalist.
He resides in the county of Huntingdon, a county where the French Canadians and Catholics form nearly a majority of the electors, and elect Protestant members. Luring the last election they elected an Irish Protestant. Mr. Robert Sellar is an intelligent man, an Iionest and pious man ; but, Sir, he is a doctrinaire. My hon. friend who is ready to accept the statement of Mr. Robert Sellars, whom he does not know ; who is ready to accept the statement of the Huntingdon ' Gleaner ' which he does not read once a year, because the paper has but a limited circulation in the county of Huntingdon, should, instead of accepting blindly such statements, look around him and ask his friend the member for the county of Huntingdon (Mr. Walsh), and his friend the member for the county of Sherbrooke (Mr. Worthington), and my hon. 1'riend who represents St. Antoine division of Montreal (Mr. Ames), and my hon. friend who represents Beauharnois (Mr. Bergeron), and my hon. friend from Jacques Cartier (Mr. Monk), to read the article referred to and he will learn then whether it is true or not that the French Canadian majority in the province of Quebec is driving away the English-speaking minority.

Topic:   T. S. SPROULE.
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