May 25, 1954 (22nd Parliament, 1st Session)


William Marvin Howe

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Howe (Wellington-Huron):

Paragraph 17 reads in part as follows:
17. The following plan has been proposed to us and is respectfully suggested for the guidance of the government and of the agencies which may be charged with the administration of these scholarships:
1. 100 annual scholarships of $1,000, tenable for four years, to be known as Canada scholarships. These scholarships are intended to confer not only a valuable award but considerable prestige upon students of outstanding ability and exceptional promise. These scholarships at least, in our judgment, should be granted only after personal interviews.
2. 250 national scholarships annually of $500, to be tenable for four years. These are intended for distinguished and promising students.
3. 2,000 bursaries of $500 a year tenable for four years, for able and diligent students on the basis of need.
4. A loan fund open to all students whose work is acceptable to the authorities of their universities.
It was interesting to note from the minister's speech how many scholarships are being given by the national research council and it was interesting to note that in the estimates of the national research council

they have suggested an increase in the allowances from $448,500 last year to $563,000 this year. However, these scholarships are only for a few of those students who have completed their university training and are in the form of fellowships and doctors' degrees for advanced studies. I feel that this is a move in the right direction, but I think that the government of Canada, in cooperation with the provincial governments, should go further and should put into force the recommendations that I have mentioned in order that we may be assured that our own Canadian research will have the benefit of all the brains and ingenuity to be found among the youth of our country. The Canadians who will inherit this country, the ones who will have the responsibility of guiding this young giant which is now awakening from its slumbers, are sitting in the classrooms of the schools today. It is our duty and responsibility to help them contribute to the Canada of tomorrow.

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