March 16, 1954 (22nd Parliament, 1st Session)


Howard Charles Green

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Green:

If 1 may answer that, Mr. Speaker, one very important difference is that when some of these other bills came before the committee we amended one of the sections to provide that the pipe line must be built in Canada. That has been done with quite a few of these bills. But it cannot be done under this particular bill, because it does not contain the powers at all. It merely provides that a company which has already obtained its powers from the Ontario legislature can go ahead and build a pipe line. I do not see why there should be that discrimination. If other people have had to come here and get a proper charter, then there is no reason why these people should not do the same thing.
Another feature is that much of the control of Niagara Gas Transmission Limited is under the Ontario companies act whereas if they had a proper charter, as others have, the control would be under the dominion Companies Act. I think that is where it should be.

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