March 17, 1905 (10th Parliament, 1st Session)


Alexander Johnston



I wish to relieve the anxiety and apprehension of my hon. friend from Prince Edward Island (Mr. Lefurgey). I may have been living in a fool's paradise, but, as the minister knows I was under no apprehension about this matter. I thought the officers at Halifax were endeavouring to do their duty, and. during the nine years I have had to do with political affairs I have never made representations to the contrary to the minister or to any other person. But my suspicions were aroused by the statements made by my hon. friend from Montreal (Mr. Ames) and my hon. friend from Prince Edward Island (Mr. Lefurgey). These members upon their responsibility have brought to the notice of the House certain points with regard to these officers. I think it is the duty of the minister to make still further inquiry and ascertain whether there is any reason for the suspicion aroused by these hon. gentlemen.

Topic:   SUPPLY.
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