March 17, 1905 (10th Parliament, 1st Session)


Hance James Logan


Mr. HANCE J. LOGAN (Cumberland).

I also desire to congratulate the Postmaster General upon his action in reference to the telephone system of this country, but I Sir WILLIAM MULOCK.
must express my regret that he does not include in this investigation the telegraph system as well. It would seem to me that if it is in the public interest that the government should enter into the ownership of the telephone system, it is even more important that they should own and control the telegraph system of this Dominion. Those who use the telegraph know that there are exhorbitant rates charged in many parts of the country where there is no competition, and it seems to me it is high time that the' matter should be inquired into. I do not understand that the government in proposing this motion is committing itself to the public ownership of telephones, and that being so it seems to me there would be nothing to prevent this inquiry including the telegraphs as'well. Government ownership of telegraphs is in existence in the motherland, and I believe for my part that we should investigate the whole matter here at an early date so as to arrive at a conclusion as to whether it is not in the best interests of Canada to make the telegraph system a government owned institution.

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