May 8, 1953 (21st Parliament, 7th Session)


Ernest George Hansell

Social Credit

Mr. Hansell:

Someone was motivated to do it, and I do not care who it was. If my hon. friends want the bill to pass, they ought not to keep interrupting. I am not going to oppose the bill so far as its passing is concerned. I do want to put this on the record, because if I am going to act on committees and do my duty on committees, I do not want anyone to come along behind the scenes and, by pulling a lot of wires, reverse decisions that have been made. That is laying it right on the line.
Let me say this. There might be some real reason why a thing of this sort should 68108-317
Private Bill-Divorce
be done if it were the reversal of some government policy, but this is a private bill. The government is not going to stand or fall upon some individual getting a divorce. I say once again that if we are to conduct the business of this house in committee as we should, then these things must not happen or they are going to destroy our faith in one another, our faith in committees and our faith in the work going on in this house. I vigorously protest the action that was taken in respect to this bill. I did so in committee and I raise my voice in protest now.
I have said enough. I think the chairman is a fine fellow. I think he conducts the business of the committee very well. I am not even saying the chairman made a mistake. If he made a mistake, he should not have called our attention to it. Nobody would have known. Nobody would have gone to him and said, "You made a mistake." He did not need to confess that he made an error. He did not make an error. I say that with all honesty of purpose in this discussion, and with some conviction.

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