May 8, 1953 (21st Parliament, 7th Session)


Ernest George Hansell

Social Credit

Mr. Hansell:

The chairman of the committee has explained his position, and that is all right. Whether or not he called the committee together in order to regularize the procedure, I am not debating that. That is what he did. But in reality the committee was called together to reverse the decision. The hon. member for Lake Centre asks if this procedure had been followed before. I say that, to my knowledge, that has never happened before' in the private bills committee. The hon. member for Halton rose in the committee and said that he had been chairman of many parliamentary committees, and they often reversed a previous decision on a clause or something of that kind. Perhaps that is so, particularly if they reversed the decision on the same day. But when a bill has been killed in a committee and the committee adjourned because a vote was being taken here, and then was not recalled, it is understood that the end of the bill has been reached and a decision made. This procedure of recalling a committee and reconsidering the preamble of a bill which had already been turned down has never happened before to my knowledge.

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