March 18, 1953 (21st Parliament, 7th Session)


Mr. Diefenbaker:

Progressive Conservative

1. What firms constructed and/or installed the heating and ventilation systems in the new bureau of statistics building at Tunney's pasture, Ottawa?
2. Were tenders called for in connection with all of the said work?
3. If so, (a) when were tenders advertised for; (b) from whom were tenders received and at what prices; (c) who was the successful tenderer and what was the amount thereof; (d) have any extras been paid for or charged for? If so, how much is the amount thereof?
4. Did any official of the government approve the design of the heating and ventilation systems before construction was started? If so, who was such person?

5. Was approval given by any departmental official of the kind and type of heating and ventilating equipment to be installed in said building before construction on said building was started? If so, who was such person?
6. Has any record of the daily temperatures in the said building been kept for the various divisions or sections therein since the said heating system was put in operation?
7. What has been the total cost of the heating and ventilation systems installed in said building to date?
8. Has further work to be completed in order to render the said system effective? If so, what is the estimated cost in order to make the system effective, and when is it expected the work will be completed?

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