March 18, 1953 (21st Parliament, 7th Session)


Mr. Blanchette: (Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of National Defence)


1. The army works service at a cost of approximately $5,000.
2. It was not constructed by contract.
3. Estimated value at the time of installation $1,250.
4. Canadian army vote 140-09 maintenance projects.
5. Petawawa detachment of 3 works company, RCE.
6. Under the supervision of the above detachment, the actual operation of the mill was carried out.
(a) During period 1949-51 by day labour employed by the detachment.
(b) During period 1951-52 a contract was awarded through Department of Defence Production to Clouthier & Sons to operate the mill for the detachment at the rate of $16.30 per thousand for lumber sawn and delivered to Petawawa.
(c) During 1952-53, Mr. A. Amyot has rented the mill to cut 500,000 feet board measure of logs sold to him by crown assets at a rental of $2 per thousand feet board measure of lumber sawn. However, since early November the mill has been placed in state of preservation until the spring when Mr. Amyot will complete his operations.
7. 1,380,000 feet board measure.
8. White pine, 50 per cent. Jack pine, 50 per cent. Average butt diameter, 11 inches.
9. Estimated value of logs per thousand is $35.
10. The sawmill has not been declared surplus. On July 25, 1952, there were 300 cords of slabs on hand whose worth was estimated at $1 per cord.
11. The above 300 cords were declared surplus to Crown Assets Disposal Corporation.
12. 1,550,000 feet board measure estimated value at $100 per M-$155,000.
13. The costs of clearing areas, spot cutting of selected trees and strip clearing were: 1949-50, $6,400; 1950-51, $39,999.25; 1951-52, $18,500.

14. No.
15. Not applicable.

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