March 9, 1953 (21st Parliament, 7th Session)


James MacKerras Macdonnell

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Macdonnell (Greenwood):

If I may
again interject, I come back to my question because I do not think the reasoning of the hon. member for Dauphin is necessarily correct. I have not had the advantage of reading the speech of Mr. Bennett to which he refers, and Mr. Bennett may, by the time he made that speech, have felt that more concessions could have been obtained; but that is irrelevant at the moment.
I am coming back to the one point. Does the hon. member agree that the agreement that had virtually reached the point of signature before the election was the agreement that was signed, with the trifling changes, after the election? That is what I said, and that is the question I am asking the hon. member to answer. He said I was inaccurate. I hope I was not. I certainly tried not to be, and I am asking again: does he deny that the agreement which was signed 13 days after the election was in fact the agreement which had been under negotiation I believe for many weeks if not for many months before the election?

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