March 9, 1953 (21st Parliament, 7th Session)


William John Ward


Mr. W. J. Ward (Dauphin):

I do not often take part in the debates in this house, Mr. Speaker. When I came here 32 years ago, I, like many other young fellows, did a lot of talking. I quickly discovered that any comments made by the other young fellows of my age, and young women too, were mainly for propaganda purposes. I decided that I could make my own speeches outside of this house just as well as I could inside, so of late years I have not made many speeches in this house. I would not be speaking tonight were it not for the speech delivered by the hon. member for Greenwood (Mr. Macdonnell). I happened to be visiting my home when his speech was delivered, but on my return, as I usually do, I carefully read
The Budget-Mr. Ward Hansard to see what the boys had been doing in my absence. I found some statements made by the hon. member for Greenwood which, according to my memory, were completely at variance with the facts.
I have a very high regard for the hon. member for Greenwood, and for his integrity. I was sure he had not looked up the history of the Canada-United States trade agreement of 1935, or he would not have made some of the statements he did make.
Before going on with that, Mr. Speaker, I thought perhaps the house might be indulgent enough to afford me the privilege of saying a word about the district I represent.

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