March 9, 1953 (21st Parliament, 7th Session)


Douglas Scott Harkness

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Harkness:

Having inherited that mess at the start of the worst depression the world has ever seen, he struggled through the midst of that depression and took very definite steps to improve the position of the farmers as well as the lot of other people in this country. The steps which he took bore fruit, and from 1932 onward conditions gradually improved. They did not improve very much from the time he left office in 1935 until the war broke out. They improved very little; but what improvement did take place was due to policies which had been introduced by Mr. Bennett in that period from 1930 to 1935. The Minister of Agriculture and all the other members of the Liberal government have ever since been taking credit for the improvement in conditions.

As I say, that improvement was not due to anything they did. It was due to what Mr. R. B. Bennett did.

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