March 9, 1953 (21st Parliament, 7th Session)


Douglas Scott Harkness

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Harkness:

The only time he ever got anything was away back following the war when the rates under the income war tax act were reduced and there was an increased deduction allowed up to $1,000. That is the only time these people about whom the minister was talking ever got anything. He says this man got it before, but he got it so long ago that I do not think you can relate that to the minister's budget. You might just as well relate the minister's present budget to the time before world war I when nobody paid any income tax, when it was looked upon as a completely impossible thing that people would be required to pay income tax, as to relate it back to the period of 1946-47.
In other words, once more the minister did not have an answer so he said, "He got it before". But he does not say when he got it or what he got. Unfortunately whatever he did get was so long ago that it is past history and not related to the present circumstances. In most cases he got nothing.
I come now to another of these excerpts which is really good. I think everybody will appreciate this. Once more it is Robert McKeown asking a question, as follows:
Well, how is it, Mr. Abbott, that these tax cuts always seem to coincide with an election year. Is this a matter of fortuitous circumstances?

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