March 9, 1953 (21st Parliament, 7th Session)


Robert James Wood


Mr. R. J. Wood (Norquay):

Mr. Speaker, on Friday night at ten o'clock I was giving a summary of the conclusions and recommendations of a special committee that was set up in this house in 1936 to investigate farm implement prices. On January 1, 1936, the tariffs on imports of all agricultural machinery were reduced to 12J per cent; on May 1 of the same year, under the United States trade agreement, they were reduced to 7) per cent, and on June 26, 1944, all tariff rates, including the general rate, were cancelled on agricultural implements. I consider that the reduction and the wiping out of these tariffs were entirely the result
The Budget-Mr. Wood of the conclusions and recommendations of the committee that was set up in this house in 1936.
There are people who say that the tariff and trade policies of the Liberal party and the Conservative party are the same. I consider there is no element of truth in this statement. I have before me a statement which I received on March 4 from the commissioner of tariffs in the Department of Finance, showing the Canadian tariff structure on farm implements from various countries during the years 1921, 1924, 1930, 1931 and 1933. The tariff rates on all classes of implements were increased in the budgets of 1930, 1931 and 1933, but the British preferential remained free on all articles.
Probably hon. members do not care to have me read this statement in detail, and it would save the time of the house if I were permitted to have it placed in Hansard.

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