March 6, 1953 (21st Parliament, 7th Session)


Alphonse Fournier (Minister of Public Works; Leader of the Government in the House of Commons; Liberal Party House Leader)


Mr. Fournier (Hull):

Mr. Speaker, on Monday, before proceeding with this debate on the budget, I intend to move that we go into supply and call three departments, namely trade and commerce, citizenship and immigration, and fisheries. During the day I have discussed this matter with the Leader of the Opposition (Mr. Drew), the leader of the Social Credit party and the acting whip of the C.C.F. party. They thought it was a reasonable suggestion and that we could call

these three departments without a lengthy debate. Nobody could guarantee that everybody would be silent, but that would be my hope. I would therefore ask for the co-operation of hon. members.
There are only 21 departments to be brought in. We have five in now. One was referred to the external affairs committee. This procedure would give us seven departments with which to go ahead. My trouble is that when we reach the estimates, I cannot always control the movements of my colleagues and I should like to have a few I could call upon to present their estimates.
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