November 21, 1952 (21st Parliament, 7th Session)


Major James William Coldwell

Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (C.C.F.)

Mr. M. J. Coldwell (Roselown-Biggar):

should like to ask the Prime Minister when
we may expect the final report of the commission inquiring into the South Saskatchewan river scheme.
Righl Hon. L. S. Si. f,aurenl (Prime Minister): Mr. Speaker, I have been quite as concerned about that as my hon. friend. I received from the secretary of the commission a letter dated the 19th of November, 1952, which will perhaps constitute the best answer I can give to the question the hon. member has asked me. The letter is addressed to the Prime Minister and reads as follows:
The commissioners instructed me some time ago to make arrangements lor the printing of the report of the royal commission on the South Saskatchewan river project in advance of presentation of it to the government. There has been some delay in printing which is not surprising in view of the commission's decision to include considerable pertinent material in its report. A number of rather lengthy submissions to the commission are being included as an appendix to the report. This will include the submissions of the provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta.
I have been in touch with the department of public printing today, and although much work has already been done I am informed that completion of printing, of preparation of the necessary maps and of bookbinding cannot be counted upon until the middle of December or later. As we have noticed in the press that you are planning to attend the commonwealth conference in London, we are planning to present the report to you as soon as possible after your return.
I had been asked if I wished the government to have the report before it was made available to the public and I said that I thought not. I thought there were so many interested in this report that it would be desirable to have it ready for distribution to the public as soon as it was finally presented as the commission's report to the government.

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