March 1, 1905 (10th Parliament, 1st Session)


Leighton Goldie McCarthy



The hon. member for South York (Mr. W. F. Maclean) has referred to matters which, perhaps should not have been referred to in discussing the question before the House. But, lest my silence should be misconstrued,
I desire to make a short statement. I occupy, on this question, a much different position from that occupied, probably, by any other member in this House. My hon. friend from South York refers to the campaign of some ten years ago in the county of Haldimand. The fact was referred to that, 011 that occasion, the ex-Miuister of the Interior (Mr. Sifton) and myself stood on the same platform when we were fighting the men who are now calling in question the actions which have taken place and have caused that hon. gentleman's (Mr. Sifton's) retirement. Therefore, for the last ten years, my position on the school question lias been defined. I also fought on the school question in 1895 in Cardwell, and again in June 1896 was the school question fought out in my riding. From that day to this, I have remained firm and free, so far as my constituency was concerned, upon this question, and I have been thrice endorsed upon it. Therefore, I simply rise to announce to this House as I announced the fust time I spoke in the House and as I have previously announced to individual members, that I am, like the ex-Minister of the Interior, absolutely opposed to the education clauses as submitted in the Autonomy Bills ; that I will oppose them and oppose them unalterably.

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