June 25, 1952 (21st Parliament, 6th Session)


Mr. Fulton:

Progressive Conservative

1. Have the firm of Margison, Babcock and Associates Limited, of Toronto, been retained by the Department of Defence Production and/or the defence department or any branch thereof in connection with the design and/or installation of defence projects?
2. If so, what are their duties in connection with these projects?
3. When was this firm incorporated?
4. Who are the members of the firm?
5. Who are the active officers of the firm?
6. What qualifications and experience have these officers for the work in question?
7. What was the first date on which negotiations for any of these contracts were first entered into with (a) this company or (b) any person who is now a member of this company, and what was the name of the person, if any, referred to in part (b) ?
8. What was the first date on which any contract referred to in part 7 was awarded, to whom was it awarded, and what was the amount of the contract?

9. What is the total value of the contracts which have been let to or taken over by this firm to date?
10. What is the total of fees paid or payable to this firm for the work done to date?
11. For how many of these projects have contracts been awarded to this firm?
12. Are these contracts on a cost plus percentage fee basis? If so, what is the percentage fee?

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