June 19, 1952 (21st Parliament, 6th Session)


Edmund Davie Fulton

Progressive Conservative

Mr. E. D. Fulton (Kamloops):

Mr. Speaker, before the motion is adopted I want to say just a word. I have indicated to my colleagues in my own party and to all others with whom I have had an opportunity to discuss this matter since it was first mooted at this session that I could not agree with the pension plan
at least so far as it has been disclosed to us up to the present.
My feeling is that if it is desired that members of parliament should have pensions for long service, and the members are prepared to finance that plan on the basis of their own contributions, then there would be no objection to it. But as the plan has so far been outlined-and I must say that we have not any real specific details of it and therefore my remarks this morning will be short-in so far as we do have knowledge of it, I understand it is to be financed on the basis of an equal contribution from the treasury, that is from the taxpayers of Canada. On the basis that I now understand it, it will be of a nature far more generous and available at times far shorter than is usually the case with pension plans. It seems to me wrong in principle for members of parliament in this way to vote themselves a pension on a basis more generous than the usual plan, by means of a contribution from the treasury.
Now, Mr. Speaker, I understand this matter is to be referred to the standing committee on banking and commerce, and it may be that particulars will be given there which minimize the objections which I have to it. But on the basis of my understanding of the scheme presently under consideration, I have felt and still feel that it is wrong in principle, and I wish to indicate at this stage that I have that feeling and am opposed to it.

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