February 27, 1905 (10th Parliament, 1st Session)


Wilfrid Laurier (Prime Minister; President of the Privy Council)



Then I will make my answer more categorical yet. The government has not contemplated, does not contemplate and will not contemplate any amendment to the Dominion Lands Act. I do not understand what the hon. gentleman is aiming at to-day. If he has any object it must be to try and create a false impression to arouse prejudices somewhere. But the hon. gentleman began by expressing his deep regret that the Minister of the Interior and the hon. member from Lisgar (Mr. Greenway) the former premier of Manitoba, were not in their seats. Why, Sir, it would have been very easy for the hon. gentleman to secure their presence in their seats if he wanted them to be present. Why did he not notify them that he wanted to bring before the House some question requiring their presence, and which required them to make some defence to charges that he intended to bring against them. Did the hon. gentleman notify the Minister of the Interior that he wanted him here today? Did he notify the hon. member for Lisgar that he desired his presence here today? I am in the judgment of the House when I say that the hon. gentleman, when he intended to bring charges against the members of the House, wilful and deliberate charges, has not had the manliness to notify them that he intended to do so. As to the ' Soleil,' I have no interest whatever in that newspaper, financial or otherwise. It generally supports the government, but sometimes opposes it. If the hon. gentleman expects me to be responsible for anything that is published in the ' Soliel,' he is asking more from me than one would ask

from any other member of parliament. The hon. member may be responsible for what appears in the Toronto * World,' I have not had the same connection with the 'Soleil., I have nothing to do with the article in the ' Soleil,' which I had not read and had not heard of until it was read on the floor of the House.

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