June 4, 1952 (21st Parliament, 6th Session)


Mr. Pearkes:

Progressive Conservative

1. Is the government building a dam on the Yukon river above Whitehorse? If so, for what purpose?
2. What is the estimated cost of such dam?

3. Did the British Yukon Navigation -Company at any time build a dam at, or in the same vicinity?
4. If so, was freight from Whitehorse to Dawson and Mayo then transported by river boats operated by the British Yukon Navigation Company?
5. Was the said dam used by said company to hold back water in the lakes above the dam to be released in the early summers and so lengthen the period of navigation on the Yukon river?
6. Is the bulk of freight now transported by road in the Yukon?
7. Is early navigation on the Yukon river still a

Subtopic:   YUKON RIVER
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