May 19, 1952 (21st Parliament, 6th Session)


Mr. Winters: (Minister of Resources and Development)


1. Yes.
2. Films. Teeth Are To Keep-1949; Carrots, celery, salads, apples and other fruits, whole wheat bread and milk are all represented as helping to keep teeth in good condition.
Filmstrips: Brush Up On Your Teeth-1949; Cheese, milk, fruits (apples and raisins), vegetables (carrots and celery) are shown as among foods which help to maintain healthy teeth.
Ten Little People And Their Teeth-1949; Shows children drinking milk in preference to soft drinks, and eating apples in preference to candy.
Rural School Lunches-1950; Milk, meat (or fish, eggs, cheese or beans), whole wheat bread, fruit and vegetables are shown as constituents of a good school lunch.
Vitamin D Fair-1950; Fish liver oil, whole wheat cereals, whole wheat bread, milk, meat, eggs, vegetables and fruit are recommended in a good diet for growing children.
What Breakfast Did For Emily-1951; Tomato or citrus fruit juice, milk, whole grain cereal, toast made from whole wheat bread, and butter comprise the breakfast on which Emily thrived.
A Good Breakfast-1950; Tomato and citrus fruit juice, vitaminized apple juice, melon, strawberries, apples, blackcurrants and other fruits, eggs, bacon, oatmeal, wheat germ and rolled oats are among the recommended foods.
3. These films were produced at the request of the Department of National Health and Welfare for audiences of parents, teachers and school children.

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