May 19, 1952 (21st Parliament, 6th Session)


Mr. Fraser:

Progressive Conservative

1. Was the film "Royal Journey" made as the exclusive property of the national film board?
2. In what width or widths is the film produced or being produced, and do they include 35 mm. and' 16 mm. film?
3. If so, what are the terms of the contracts or arrangements made with commercial firms, giving their names, for distribution of the 35 mm. film?
4. Does any such contract contain a time limitation on the production, use or distribution of the 16 mm. film?
5. Is the 16 mm. film to be made available for showing in churches and schools in the various communities throughout Canada? If so, when?
6. Is the 16 mm. film for sale?
7. If so, what is the price quoted, and when will it be available?
8. Have any exclusive rights been given?
9. If so, what are the terms?

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