May 7, 1952 (21st Parliament, 6th Session)


Solon Earl Low

Social Credit

Mr. Solon E. Low (Peace River):

Mr. Speaker, I had intended to say something on the resolution stage yesterday, but it was impossible for me to get into the discussion. I have only just a minute or two before I have to attend a meeting of the external affairs committee but I think I should indicate the position which my group takes toward this bill.
We think that it is a fortunate thing for any part of Canada to see the development that is taking place in the area of Kitimat in the constituency of my friend the hon. member for Skeena (Mr. Applewhaite). We are glad to see that development. It augurs well for the future of Canada; it will doubtless make for a stronger and better Canada.
When a railway is to be built from Terrace to Kitimat, we think it is only natural that we should look to the Canadian National Railways to build it. I think that is a proper procedure. I just want the minister to know that we support the bill and approve the help which the government is giving by way of assistance in financing, making advances on loan, and so forth.
There is one thing I do not intend to say much about; when I think of the building of this line of railway by the Canadian National Railways it makes me think that some consideration ought to be given to the extension of the Canadian National from the Peace river country to the coast, to link up perhaps with this very road. Were that done I am quite sure that we would see much greater development than is possible by the construction of these piecemeal lines.
I just wanted the minister to know that we are happy to see this line being built, in view of the development that will result from it in the Kitimat area.

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