May 7, 1952 (21st Parliament, 6th Session)


Mr. Lesage: (Parliamentary Assistant to the Secretary of State for External Affairs)


1. Yes. The government made a gift of
500,000 bushels of wheat to the Canadian Red

Cross Society as a contribution to famine relief in Greece. The Canadian Red Cross Society arranged for the milling of the wheat in Canada and the transportation of the flour to an ocean port. The Greek war relief fund of Canada arranged through the Greek War Relief Association Inc., U.S.A., to have carriage charges from a United States port to Greek ports defrayed by the government of the United States under the Mutual Security Act.
2. 203,250 bags of the gift flour were carried aboard the Ocean Navigator which sailed on April 11, 1952. The remainder of the shipment, 3,059 bags, were loaded on the Linden-wood. Victory which is reported to have sailed on April 19.
3. The Ocean Navigator sailed from Portland, Maine and the Lindenwood Victory from the port of New York.

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