March 19, 1952 (21st Parliament, 6th Session)


William Moore Benidickson (Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Transport)

Liberal Labour

Mr. Benidickson:

The Canadian National Railways advise as follows:
1. Constructed by the former Grand Trunk Railway about the year 1860.
2. The original building was extended to its present size in 1904. Necessary repairs have been made to the building from time to time. The Canadian Pacific commenced using the station jointly with the Grand Trunk Railway under agreement of 1875.
3. Information is not available in our records to enable an answer to be given to this question.
4. No recommendation has been made for changing the location of the station.
5. Consideration has been given on several occasions in the past ten years to remedial measures that would relieve traffic congestion at Perth street. Following the filing by the town of an application to the board of transport commissioners in December 1945, the railway prepared, and submitted to the board and the town, plans for vehicular subways at Perth and William streets, and for a pedestrian subway at Perth street. Conferences between representatives of the town and officers of the railway were held from

time to time, but because of the high cost of grade separation and the uncertainty of related highway construction in the area it was decided, in January 1949, to defer further decision of the proposals to a more propitious date in the future.

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