March 19, 1952 (21st Parliament, 6th Session)


William Gilbert Weir (Chief Government Whip; Whip of the Liberal Party)

Liberal Progressive

Mr. W. G. Weir (Poriage-Neepawa) moved:

That having regard to the fact that forty-six applicants, listed below, published notices in compliance with standing order 95 announcing intention of applying at the last session of parliament for private bills, and that during that session a special order of the house precluded the consideration of private bills, the said forty-six notices be referred to the standing committee on standing orders with instructions to report upon the advisability of permitting such notices to be regarded as sufficient for the present session, namely: Victoria Elias Abdelhay, Samuel Long Adamson, Gregorij Sergeij Anker-Jakerov, Alberta Lomas McLeod Archibald, Cecilia Rachel Baird, Cora Marguerite Blume, Herve Brunelle, Mary Viola (Violet) Taillon Brebeau, Frederick Charles Butler, Mabel Stacey Delorimier, Roger Denis, Gertrude Mintz Dankoff, George Louis Draper, Kenneth Oliver Frawley, Virginia Patricia Gariepy Geary, Eva Lubin Greenfield, Denise Gelinas Gilmour, Dorothy Ailsie Jean Coghlin Hands, Cosmo Iellamo, Mary Ann Munro Kelly, Laurent Langlois, Jeanne Antoinette Sophie, Helena Kessler Meyer, Sheila Ruth Coppelman Mitmaker alias Mintz, Omer Mont-petit, Thomas Richard Markey, Alfred Machabee, Edith Olive Catherine Cramp Midgley, Frances Betty Bennett Murray, Frederick Ernest Marlow, Julia Emma Pearl Sager Noiseux, Lillian May Holloway O'Brien, Marie Laure Jacqueline Patenaude Racine, Olive Myrtle Weston Rouet, Molly Lebovitz Rapkin, Libertia Vinivar McClusky Rutherford, Shirley Doreen Rowe, Georgine Jun Ruzicka, Alma Dorothy Lines Robertson, Harry Murning Smith, Vivian Mary Dickson Stewart, Alice Courey Sal-hany, Dorothy Grauer Shapiro, Dorothy Esme Graham Snell, Hilda Miriam Magee Taylor, Florence Margaret Parsonage Velleman, William Wallace Watson.
He said: This situation, I am told, arises from the fact that what these people did would have been in compliance with the ordinary procedure had we not had the extra session last fall. The idea of the notice was simply to announce intention of applying for private bills at the next session of parliament, which was in fact the session last fall, and we were not able to deal with them at that time. This motion is to regularize matters so that they may be dealt with at this session of parliament.

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