February 20, 1905 (10th Parliament, 1st Session)


Mr. U.@

WILSON-by Mr. W. J. Roche-asked :
1. What assistance, if any, is given by the government to any person or persons bringing children to Canada from the old country ?
2. How many have been brought into this country during the fiscal year 1904, and of what age ? How many males and how many females?
3. From what sources in the old country do these immigrants come ?
4. To what institutions were they sent, and how many to each ?
Rt. Hon. Sir WILFRID LAURIER (for the Minister of the Interior.
1. There are two classes of children brought to Canada by Philanthropic Societies. (a.) Children from workhouses and industrial institutions, on whom no bonus or commission is paid. (b.)i Children from private homes and educational institutions on whom it has been the practice since 1873-4, to pay a commission of ?2 per head.
2. 2,212, of whom 525 were bonus children : 443 males and 82 females, their ages ranging from 5 to 18 years.
3. Private homes, educational, industrial institutions and workhouses.
4. To the following receiving homes in
Canada : Bristol Emigration Society, St.
John, N.B., 40 ; Canadian Catholic Emigration Society, Ottawa, Out., 106 ; Dr. T. Bowman Stephenson, Hamilton, 60 ; Miss. Macpherson, Stratford, 142 ; Church of England, Waifs and Strays Society, Sherbrooke, 54 ; Church of England, Niagara-on-the-Lake, 29 ; J. W. C. Fagan's Home, Toronto, 49 ; Rev. Robert Wallace, Belleville, 94 ; Mrs. Birt, Kuowlton, P.Q., 106 ; J. T. Middlemore, Halifax, N.S., 130 ; Dr. Barnardo's Homes, Toronto, Peterboro, Ontario, Winnipeg and Russell, Manitoba, 1,188 ; Catholic Emigrating Association, Montreal, P.Q., 206 ; Working Boys' Home, Lennoxville, P.Q., 8.

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