February 20, 1905 (10th Parliament, 1st Session)


Sydney Arthur Fisher (Minister of Agriculture)


Hon. SYDNEY FISHER (Minister of Agriculture).

I may say that when this Bill came up in committee I, as the minister in charge of the administration of the Patent Act, took exception to the general provisions of tlie Bill as presented. It seemed to ask for a far too long an extension of time ; and in connection with one of the patents, at all events, there was no need of an extension of time at all. The Bill as originally printed asked to deal with five different patents, all of them more or less dependent on each other. One of them has still a term of nine years to go ; one of them through inadvertence made in the renewal, was dead ; the three others expire next fall. On 'several occasions this House has authorized an extension of the life of patents under circumstances very similar to those surrounding these patents, namely, that while the patent had existed for a length of time, nobody had been able to make use of it or really to take the matter up and utilize it for the benefit of the public. That is the case with these patents. A suggestion was made that we reinstate the patent which had expired through inadvertence, as has been commonly done in the House under similar circumstances, and that we should extend the time of the patents which will expire next year and make the life of these patents coextensive with the life of the patent which is still in existence and has a term of years to run.

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