November 1, 1951 (21st Parliament, 5th Session)


Brooke Claxton (Minister of National Defence)


Hon. Brooke Claxton (Minister of National Defence):

Mr. Speaker, I am sure that hon. members will allow me the privilege of calling to the attention of the house the presence of sailors, soldiers and airmen of nineteen of the United Nations forces lighting in Korea. They represent Australia, Belgium, Colombia, Canada, Ethiopia, France, Greece, India, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, the Philippine islands, the republic of Korea, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Every one of these men is a veteran of the fighting in Korea.
They are sitting in the diplomatic gallery because they are representatives of their respective countries, but more than that they are living symbols of the unity of the United Nations in standing against aggression. We can see back of each one of these men the tens of thousands of their comrades-sailors, soldiers and airmen who are fighting with us; we can see back of them the millions of their populations who are standing together for the first time in the history of the world because they love and believe in freedom and are willing to preserve it at any price.
Because of what they are and what they have done I am sure that you would wish me to extend to the honoured guests of our country today a most hearty welcome, and to ask them to carry back to their comrades and to the peoples of their countries our good wishes and our determination to stand together to see that the cause to which we have set our hands is carried through to a successful conclusion in order that we may have that peace we are all striving for and which the United Nations are putting forth every effort to preserve.

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