October 26, 1951 (21st Parliament, 5th Session)


Lionel Chevrier (Minister of Transport)


Mr. Chevrier:

What I mean is that legislation
having to do with equalization, if it is approved

Special Committee on Railway Legislation of by the government, could, I think, be referred to the committee on railways, canals and telegraph lines, if it was the wish of the house.
Then on June 14 of this year the minister introduced Bill No. 377, which was a bill to amend the Railway Act in much the same terms as Bill No. 12, which is to be considered this afternoon. His explanation will be found at page 4065 of Hansard. Asked to explain the bill on first reading, he said:
This bill, which is to amend the Railway Act, together with the other two which follow, an act to amend the Canadian National-Canadian Pacific Act, 1933, and an act to amend the Maritime Freight Rates Act, are bills which have been drafted to meet the recommendations of the royal commission on transportation so far as the equalization of freight rates is concerned.
When we reach the second reading stage of these bills I propose to ask my colleague, the Minister of Public Works, to move that the bills be not now read a second time but that the subject matter thereof be referred to the standing committee on railways, canals and telegraph lines, with instructions that the committee shall consider the same and report thereon from time to time to the house.

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