October 26, 1951 (21st Parliament, 5th Session)


Elie Beauregard (Speaker of the Senate)


Mr. Speaker:

This motion is made under standing order 31, the terms of which are becoming quite familiar to hon. members of this house. As hon. members know, the member making the motion hands a written statement to Mr. Speaker, who must decide two things. He must decide whether it is in order and whether it is of urgent public importance. The urgency referred to is the urgency of debate; it is not the importance of the matter itself that is to be decided, but whether debate should take place now rather than at some later time; whether it is so important that the debate should take place now, and that an early opportunity will not be given under the ordinary rules of the house to debate this motion.
May I refer hon. members again to paragraph 174 of Beauchesne's third edition which reads as follows:
"Urgency" within this rule does not apply to the matter itself, but it means "urgency of debate," when the ordinary opportunities provided by the rules of the house do not permit the subject to be brought on early enough and public interest demands that discussion take place immediately.
As hon. members are aware, under a sessional order of this house the speech from the throne will be considered on both Monday and Wednesday of next week. At that time a discussion of this matter would be in order. Although it is an extremely important matter, in my opinion it is not one of urgency within the rules of the house, in view of the fact that an early opportunity will be given to hon. members to discuss the question raised. Under the circumstances, I cannot allow the motion to stand at this time.

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