June 22, 1951 (21st Parliament, 4th Session)


James Garfield Gardiner (Minister of Agriculture)


Mr. Gardiner:

The producers in Ontario,
for example, are producing as much as they ever produced. They are producing as much in Quebec, generally speaking, as they ever did. The place where the pork is not being produced is largely in the prairie provinces, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Manitoba is down as well. The only time when we were producing any considerable amount more than we are producing now was during the wartime, in the middle of the war. At that time we were not able to sell our grain. We wanted cash, so we fed even wheat to hogs to get cash. For example, in Saskatchewan, where there has been as big a drop as anywhere, we were producing about four times as many hogs in the middle of the war as we are producing now. The only reason for that is the fact that we prefer to produce grain on the prairies and to sell it rather than to feed it, if we can sell the grain. We are selling all the grain at the present time. There is no difficulty, as there was during the war, to find a market for the grain. It is being sold; and we are selling it rather than feeding it. That is a choice we make out there under these circumstances. I do not know that there is much that could be done about it.

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