June 22, 1951 (21st Parliament, 4th Session)


Mr. Burns@

35,000 of the most seriously Injured. Now you will recall, possibly, that I said in my evidence that we have not any direct means of finding out how many veterans there are who have, as it were, dropped out of the employment market . . .
Of course that is the answer to this whole percentage-that the government has not the remotest idea how many disabled veterans have dropped out and are not trying to get work.
. . . but what we did do was to check and find from national employment service during the month of February, I think, or late January, how many they had on their books-how many disabled pensioners they had who were looking for employment. I think the figure was something under 3,000, which of course is much less than the ten per cent I referred to. It indicated that our general view that less than ten per cent of pensioners were unemployed at the present time appeared to be correct.

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