June 22, 1951 (21st Parliament, 4th Session)


George Alexander Cruickshank


Mr. Cruickshank:

So long as we have the form of government we now have in Canada, parliament will be supreme-and I hope we always will have that democratic form of government. Whether we put it to work or not is our responsibility. I hope when we come back in October we shall be in a position to impress upon the government the fact that a revised basic rate of pension right across the board should be put into effect, and that a new committee should be set up. Certainly its order of reference should not be as limited as it was at the present session; if it is, then I shall have no desire to serve on it. This year in my opinion the sittings of the committee were ninety per cent a waste of time, in view of the order of reference.
I will vote for the item, because I do not want to accept the responsibility of depriving veterans in the meantime of whatever benefits may accrue to them. However, I am definitely on record that in my opinion the order of reference to the committee this year was not wide enough in the beginning, that it should have been widened, and that the basic rate should have been increased right across the board.

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