February 14, 1905 (10th Parliament, 1st Session)


Sydney Arthur Fisher (Minister of Agriculture)



I thought I had already answered that question. My plan would be to take industrial statistics, as well as agricultural and manufacturing statistics. For that purpose I would have the officer here prepare a schedule of questions, and I would send these questions out to the industrial establishments whose record we have in the department. I would have the office here secure information by the best means in their power as to new industrial establishments wherever any sprung up. I would ask the managers or members of these establishments to fill up the schedules which were sent to them, and return them to the office here. That information would be very considerable in its character, it would enable the office here to compile those answers and tabulate them in a proper form to be published. I think that ought to be done as far as manufacturing industries of all kinds are concerned, once, twice or three times between every decennial census. That ought to be done, not only for the province of Ontario, but for the whole Dominion. I may say that the work of this office would be done for the whole Dominion, the same kind of information would be obtained for the whole Dominion, the information will be compiled for the whole Dominion in all its subdivisions and would be issued as information concerning the Dominion of Canada. I do not know whether that covers the ground referred to in my hon. friend's question.

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