February 14, 1905 (10th Parliament, 1st Session)


Sydney Arthur Fisher (Minister of Agriculture)



I do not remember making that statement, but the Year-book, as a rule, is compiled from the departmental reports of the year. There are certain tables in it taken from the census. For instance, I think the population tables are taken from the census and then computed on a certain basis of the actual increase for every year. I think there is a statement of the population of the country every year in the Statistical Year-book which is computed from the last census on a fixed proportion of the natural increase, and in that way it is taken from the census. I think there are some other tables computed in the same way from the census. But the Year-book for this year would not have any statistics taken from the census of four years ago. It would have to be computed to bring it up to what the officer in charge of the Year-book would calculate to be the statistics for this year. But the great bulk of the statistics in the Year-book are taken from the departmental reports for the year, and one reason why the Year-book has been late in coming out is that the officers working on it can only begin their work when the other reports are finished and supplied to them.

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