May 25, 1951 (21st Parliament, 4th Session)


Mr. C. E. Johnsion@Bow River

Mr. Speaker, before the orders of the day are called I should like to ask a question of the Minister of Labour. On May 21, as reported at page 3219 of Hansard, I asked a question of the Minister of Labour or, in his absence, the parliamentary assistant, in these terms:
In the absence of the Minister of Labour I should like to direct a question to his parliamentary assistant. Has the minister been informed that today's Citizen contains an article stating that the national advisory council on manpower does not think it necessary to conduct a national registration at this time? In view of the fact that this is an important question, would the parliamentary assistant care to make a statement?
The hon. member for Verdun-La Salle (Mr. Cote), parliamentary assistant, replied:
I am aware that the Minister of Labour has followed very closely the work of the advisory council on manpower. I would not go any further at this time. I shall be pleased to bring the question to his attention.
Is the Minister of Labour prepared to make a statement now?

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