May 25, 1951 (21st Parliament, 4th Session)


Edmund Davie Fulton

Progressive Conservative

Mr. E. D. Fulton (Kamloops):

Mr. Speaker, I should like to refer to a return tabled, the day before yesterday in answer to a question of mine which was passed as an order for return. The information is given to me in sessional paper 75-A.
The point I wish to raise is that the answer given in the return is not an answer to the questions asked. To illustrate the point, let me say that the question was divided into two parts, the first of which was as follows:
What was the total paid by the Department of National Health and Welfare for professional and special services in the fiscal year 1950-51?
Then the second part of the question read:
What person, persons, firms or companies received payments of $25,000,or more under this heading in the said year, what was the actual amount of each payment, and for what service was the payment made in each case?
The answer to question No. 1 gives the sum of $5,012,422.15, and this figure is followed by two paragraphs which give general information .as to the type of services for which this amount was paid. However, there is no answer to the second part of the question. No names are given, and there are no specifications as to individual amounts paid to persons, doctors or hospitals. I would ask, therefore, that the question be restored to the order paper so that a more complete answer may be given.

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