May 21, 1951 (21st Parliament, 4th Session)


George Clyde Nowlan

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Nowlan:

According to the statement
made the other night by the Minister of Finance, and the statement which appeared in the press, we relaxed our preference to that extent. This is a matter which will be developed later, so I am not going to quarrel with the minister now. I am certainly glad to hear the minister make that statement that we gave it up on none, because that is not the impression that has been created in this country. Whether we gave it up on any or relaxed it on any-I do not think this point has been made in this house before-to that extent we lose the benefit of direct shipment to Canadian ports. The people employed in the ports of Halifax,* Montreal, Saint John or Vancouver will suffer as a result of the relaxation of those benefits because that direct shipment clause was an important factor in the imperial preference agreements as originally drafted.

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