May 21, 1951 (21st Parliament, 4th Session)


Daniel (Dan) McIvor


Mr. Daniel Mclvor (Fori William):

Mr. Speaker, on a question of privilege, I regret very much to have to take a Toronto newspaper to task. I have always been taught that if a man hits you on one cheek you should turn the other, but when a newspaper hits you below the belt I think you have a right to stand up and fight. This paper accuses me of using my franking privilege to send out a pamphlet entitled, "Know Your Enemy." I absolutely deny that. Somebody must be using my frank in some illegitimate way, and therefore I say that that is hitting below the belt. They tell me that this pamphlet is anti-Semitic. If the Tribune condemns this pamphlet, then there must be some good in it. The pamphlet was just placed on my table; I looked at it only in a cursory way, but what I saw was good. It may be that I can find another issue of this pamphlet, because if it is as good as the first part then the world should know what the aim of this paper is.
I will not say any more on the matter. I will turn over the matter to the protective staff to find out who has been using my frank, and I will hand this paper to the Minister of Justice for future action.

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