February 13, 1905 (10th Parliament, 1st Session)


Right Hon. Sir WILFRID LAURIER (Prime Minister):

1. The main principles are : (a) To deal
with no one but returning officers, (d) To have no broken packages. The ballots are issued in sheets of 4 and 2 according to the sample which I lay on the table.
2. The ballots are issued direct from the Printing Bureau to the returning officers throughout Canada without the intervention of tlie Clerk of the Crown iu Chancery.
3. The sheets are carefully counted before being packed. They are sent out in closed packages of three sizes only, viz : Packages of 2,000 in fours and of 1,000 and of 500 in twos. The packages are not opened after being counted. The smaller packages are used for uneven or broken thousands. The counting is done in the bindery, after cutting, by skilled bauds aud under the supervision of tlie foreman of the bindery. The packages are then finally closed and pasted up.
4. After the issue of the ballots, applications were received by the King's Printer from returning officers where the supply was insuificieut. In all such cases the additional ballots required by the returning officer were sent to him, but always in whole packages. No ballots whatever were sent to any printing office but they were sent cut iu sealed bags by registered post to the returning officers. No communications from others than returning officers were entertained.

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