May 4, 1951 (21st Parliament, 4th Session)


Howard Charles Green

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Green:

The Secretary of State is here this evening. Surely there should be some provisions in the Patent Act giving the Commissioner of Patents, the Secretary of State, or perhaps the governor in council power to deal with a situation of this kind. Here we have an individual who should have had to pay only $25 to have the registration put through; but because he left out a formal statement to the effect that he wanted to have the extension of time, he is put to all this expense of coming to parliament.
I do suggest there is something very wrong either in the act, the regulations under the act, or in the administration, when an individual is put to that expense. I should like to know whether other people have been turned down for similar reasons. There may be others who have been unable to get this
Private Bills
protection because their applications have been refused, and who are not in a position financially to incur the great expense of getting a private bill put through parliament.
I think this is a case of driving a tack with a pile-driver. I wonder if the Secretary of State could explain why it has been necessary to take this step?

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