April 12, 1951 (21st Parliament, 4th Session)


Lionel Chevrier (Minister of Transport)


Mr. Chevrier:

We might encourage traffic by bringing to the attention of the Hudson Bay Railway and Canadian National Railways authorities the fact that it is possible to move greater quantities of wheat through Churchill, and the fact that there are elevator facilities there to handle large quantities.
The hon. member referred to the fact that we had moved more than 6 million bushels last year. When one takes into consideration the fact that the movement through Churchill has been more than doubled in the last five or six years, I think it is some indication of our intention to see that these facilities are used to their fullest extent.
I do not want to delay this, but I do want to say I was interested in the attitude taken by the hon. member for Lake Centre and also that of the leader of the C.C.F. party with reference to the co-ordination policy outlined in the report. The position they take is diametrically opposed to that taken by the member of the Social Credit party who spoke this afternoon. I think the interpretation placed by the hon. member for Lake Centre upon the recommendation is the proper one. I think what the chairman and the commissioners had in mind was that there should be control or co-ordination of water, air and railway transport through the board, but not control of trucking, be it interprovincial, international or intraprovincial. I do not think that was in the minds of the commissioners.
I may have been mistaken, but I understood the other evening that the hon. member for Vancouver-Quadra was opposed to the co-ordination policy as recommended in the last part of the report.

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