April 9, 1951 (21st Parliament, 4th Session)


John Sylvester Aloysius Sinnott


Mr. Sinnott:

I do not wish to go back to those days but it is an indication of what some of us had to go through. However, Mr. Speaker, I do not believe that labour itself is the cause of present-day conditions. The situation has arisen because of their leaders who, in order to save their own hides and positions, are constantly seeking some scheme to keep their members' interest aroused in labour unions. I do not despise legitimate pay for legitimate work but labour must be told the naked truth that 18 per cent of the population in Canada cannot and will not work twice as many hours on the farms without three weeks' holidays with pay, without Sundays off and the many other advantages and conveniences which are to

Cost of Living
be found in the cities. Therefore I say to labour in the most sympathetic way that justice must prevail, and that it is to a large extent because of high- labour costs that the cost of living is what it is today. I think I have made that plain enough. Eighteen per cent of the population will not remain on the farms and work under those conditions for the amount of wages they receive when their fellow citizens in industries in the cities are receiving far more. That is why living costs have risen to what they are.

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