April 9, 1951 (21st Parliament, 4th Session)


John Sylvester Aloysius Sinnott


Mr. Sinnoit:

I will have to give the hon. gentleman credit. He happens to come from the constituency of Melfort, and at page 1623 of Hansard he had this to say:
. . . those wages have increased from a base of 100 to a base of 218 today.
Then on the next page he says:
The new cost of living index which was announced today now stands at 179-7.
He said that the cost of living index had risen to 179-7 and that wages had increased to 218. Therefore, according to his information, the cost of living has a long way to go yet before the labour unions will have to call meetings for the purpose of increasing wages to catch up with the cost of living. I should like to read a newspaper clipping concerning a policy that the United States government is putting into effect. The heading is, "Truman Signs Long Range Farm Legislation". The article reads:
President Truman Monday signed long range farm legislation which permits the United States government to support prices of most farm products at or near wartime levels. The measure, passed by the present Democratic congress, replaces most major provisions of the so-called Aiken law enacted by the Republican 80th congress. The Aiken law permitted somewhat lower supports for major crops.
That is all I will read of the article.

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