April 9, 1951 (21st Parliament, 4th Session)


Solon Earl Low

Social Credit

Mr. Low:

The Aberhart dollar was never like that. These people who have talked of rubber and stretching in the past had better just turn the spotlight on themselves for a little while in order to see what is happening. As I see it, the best evidence in the world is this shivering skeleton, the thing we call a dollar, which is having such a hard time today to buy more than fifty cents' worth of anything.
To be serious, and in conclusion, the government simply must set about putting "sense" back into the dollar that they have allowed to depreciate so seriously, and you

can spell that "cents" or "sense", whichever way you prefer. We are asking on behalf of the people of Canada for lower living costs. We ask also that whatever controls are found necessary to accomplish that result be accompanied with safeguards so that the individual freedom of the Canadian people can be preserved.

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